What is the deposit (Blocked amount)

The deposit is an amount of money, which varies depending on the type of insurance and the category of the car. It is left as a guarantee and is returned once you deliver the vehicle in the same conditions in which you picked it up.

The deposit money, or lock, is usually withheld on your credit card. While it is blocked, the rental company will not move it from your account, but you will not be able to use it either.

Before you can rent any car in Dubai, you will be asked to provide a deposit ( an amount that the rental company holds for a certain number of days). Superior Car Rental usually requires the customer a deposit using a credit card. We take the deposit at the delivery of the car, after the customer inspects the car and everything is fine, we proceed to do the paperwork along with taking the deposit. We use the “Pre-Authorization” functionality using the credit card machine provided from the bank. This amount will be blocked on your card, we can’t charge you unless there is a reason to do so. We are only allowed to charge the customer in case he damages the car, do fines, speed tickets, etc….

If your deposit hasn’t been returned within that time, call your bank or credit card company. If they cannot see any transaction by your rental company, get in touch with us, we will help you solve the problem.

In the event that part of your deposit has been debited for damages or another charge, the amount returned to you may be slightly different than expected. This is likely due to fluctuating currency exchange rates.

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