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Driver must be over 21 years old to drive normal cars & 23 for sport cars
Driver must have a valid driving licence. We accept all local driving licences of all countries.
A passport is required for Tourists.
Security deposit is required by credit card or cash will Be refounded within 30 days

Luxury Car Rental in Dubai, Abu Dabi, Al Aïn, Charjah

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    How much does it cost to rent a car in Dubai?
    Car Rental in Dubai from ₹ 1,364/day

    Is car rental worth it in Dubai?
    There are lots of rental car companies in Dubai so prices are very reasonable by international standards and the quality of the cars is very good. We’ve rented multiple cars in Dubai and found them really useful for visiting everything in the city.

    How much does it cost to rent a nice car in Dubai?
    Luxury Car Rental Deals in Dubai
    Premium SUV from $46/day
    Luxury from $91/day
    Luxury SUV from $98/day
    Premium from $43/day
    Luxury from $207/day

    Can foreigners rent a car in Dubai?
    The basics of renting a car in Dubai
    Visitors from other countries must have a valid International Driving Permit (IDP). The rules can change so it’s best to check directly with rental companies to see if your home country’s licence will be accepted or if you need to obtain an IDP in advance.

    Can I drive a car in Dubai as a tourist?
    Can I drive in Dubai as a tourist? You can drive as a non-resident, as long as you have an international driving licence.

    Is driving in Dubai difficult?
    The road networks are extensive, and roads are wide; freeways are often 8-lanes wide, but this is because you are sharing with trucks, buses, and multiple merging lanes. You do need to be a confident driver in Dubai.

    Is it better to rent a car in Dubai or take taxi?
    Renting a car anywhere in the world usually saves you time and it’s no different in Dubai. How long would you be willing to spend waiting for a taxi (that is becomingly increasingly difficult to get on weekends, in crowded areas, or just outside busy tourist attractions)?

    Is it cheaper to rent a car or use taxi in Dubai?
    And taxis are affordable but the price can take a toll on your budget when going to attractions or landmarks that are a bit away from the city. If you’re going low cost, renting a car in Dubai might be a better idea, especially if you know that you are going to be moving around a lot!

    What documents are required to rent a car in Dubai?
    Rent a Car Dubai Documents
    Original passport. Original visit visa. International driving permit. Original driving license from their home country.

    Is Dubai right or left hand drive?
    Vehicles in Dubai have the steering wheel on the left and they drive on the right-hand side of the road.

    How much is a Ferrari in Dubai rent?
    Ferrari Roma 2021
    AED 22,000 / wk. AED 22,000 / wk.

    Is renting a car in Dubai easy?
    Renting a car in Dubai is easy and quick. You just need to have a passport, an international driver’s license (we’ll talk more about it below, mentioning every country that needs it and those who don’t), be at least 21 years old, and have some driving experience.